Tuesday, 26 August 2014

House Clearance, Everything must go ...

ford focus estate car filled with household rubbish for the tipI really didn't expect to be woken up today, especially since Jof hadn't even left for real work at that time. I got some Haymaker in while we waited for the bicycle repair shop to open and we set off in the rain to Nanna's house.
Our mission: to explore new and undiscovered municipal recycling facilities and charity shops. We loaded up the car with stuff that Jof had already determined scrap. We flew down the long and winding (and raining) road to Hailsham (pop 7) tip and I hopped out, for I am experienced at tips.
The Tip Operative (Tiperative?) said anyone under 16 wasn't allowed out of the car so I just had to sit there while Bud got rained on and did all the work.
Later we totally overwhelmed Age Concern in the vibrant City of Polegate by bombarding them with an entire carload of stuff. At least I was allowed out of the car, and we ran in and out filling their store-room.
hailsham tip wealden and east sussex council recyclingThen, after a Tesco Special picnic lunch, we loaded up the car again for the Joy-of-Joy health and safety-aware tip. We had had to unplug the chest freezer in the garage a couple of weeks ago so we could use the socket to charge up the car battery so the ex-frozen contents were supremely ripe and doubly-fermented so we whiffed our way back to the tip of no return with the windows open to let the reek out even though it let the rain in.
deceased estate boxing up personal posessions for charity shop
Stig of the Dump explained morosely how the health and safety regulations were ruining his life, I've been in bins since I was 5 and now I can't carry a knife or stand on the edge or sneeze without filling in form 3-B etc etc. They did seem to have an awful lot of "You can't do this" signs up.
In the afternoon we did kick a football around the park a bit but mostly I built a space elevator with children's swimming pool in Minecraft while he filled dozens of boxes with more delights for the charity shop and incineration.
The Chinese take-away could use some serious improvement and then I watched Toy Story 2 on TAPE which doesn't have scene select, multiple language options, bonus director interviews, 5D, Quantel or anything, don't know how these poor people survived all these years.

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