Wednesday, 6 August 2014

For Her, ze War ist Over

french detective novel about poisoned anti-ageing cream superintendent max gebhardtA story about wisdom, experience and judgement, and how we all don't have any. The synopsis reads as follows (the novel is in French)
What's the connection between a call girl, a bourgeois and a bride? 
None, except that all were imprudent enough to try an anti-ageing ... which sent them to the cemetery cream! 
He does not know it yet, but to find the murderer, the Superintendent Max Gebhardt can only count on one thing: human error ... and not just his!
sids barbers locksway road milton portsmouthToday I had a really good time because we did the Pirate ship obstacle course and the team effort where you have to do the obstacle course holding hands in a long line and we played Ninja Chinchilla again and then it was time for the Leap Of Faith.
It's more of a Swing Of Trust, you have a rope swing over a pit of gloopy spludge and you have to hold on tight, curl yourself into  a little ball and welease yourself Woderick at the other side.
cradling the new baby's head in wooden armchairSadly the strength of my grip has not kept pace with the circumference of my midriff and I parted company with the rope and plummeted like a plump child into the slough of muddy glupp. Of course, once you've gone in, you might as well go in again so I did a variety of silly leaps and dives and we did sliding down the hill on my towel and my laundry had to go in on the hot wash. In addition, they dropped me when carrying me over the Pirate rigging, I fell through it, did 1/2 pike and twist with demijohn and tremolo and hit the ground. My ribs hurt and I had to have an accident form to go with the welts, weals and rope burns on my back.
black leather armchair in new build houseUpon my return I had a Grade 1 haircut as specifically requested, because I have a little hot head in the sunshine. The nice cutter lady pretended to leave me half-cut with 2 different profiles but then she finished and I showed off my gleaming bonce in the park.
 Then I went home to Jof and gave her a big hug because Nanna had died at lunchtime. She slipped away quietly from her pain, a war finally over and one that she shouldn't have had to fight. I choose to remember her as the person she was, a giggly northerner who liked playing games with me.

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