Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I'm your Hoochie Gucci Man

funny engrish sign airport re construction failEarly to work again with those heartless traffic jams failing to materialise once more.
Today we walked out onto the mudflats exposed at low tide and installed some marker poles for other, later groups to use as a slalom course, nothing like a bit of child labour to pass the morning. We found 2 crabs and called them Snippy and Nippy.
Having done a long, drawn-out conga-line through the canoe racks and sailing boats arranged outside, we got down 4 Kayaks and lashed them together in pairs to make rafts.
We dragged them down the slipway and set sail (Erin and I are now experts) and did swimming and jumping off them out in the open sea. We also saw the seals and the baby seal dived into the water because we splashed it.
At the end I was in a hurry because we had to get to the post office before it closed and I couldn't get my wetsuit off and he'd already told me to not be last out again and I was being slow and I knew he'd be angry and it all got a bit much and I came out blubbing like a champion because I knew I'd be in trouble.
He'd gone already and ErinsMum took me home. Erin bought me a gobstopper to shut me up and I dropped it so she bought me another, looks like I'm onto a winner there. I played in Erins' bedroom which was much nicer. I calmed down and when he picked me up he'd done the post office AND the car-hoovering and all we had to do was petrol and hoover the house and guitar and make supper and laundry and eat chocolate.

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