Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Killing a cow by throwing eggs at it

minigolf royal parade eastbourneWoke up of my own accord and accepted yogurt and fruit and the chance to play more Minecraft.
Nanna's house is being stripped before my very eyes, if I was bothered to raise them from the Minecraft tablet, it's certainly a lot emptier than before.
The local estate agent came round to say yes, he could sell the place easily enough and he went away happy. So we loaded up the poor old car and totally buried a different charity in oodles of neatly boxed donations, it's like a hobby for us to kill with kindness.
Once Bud had cut down the prickle-bush from the front garden and I'd raked up all the brambles and hedge trimmings from the back, there was enough to make a 3rd load to take to the tip so we bombed down the familiar country roads with their ups and South Downs and managed to get away with only a short speech about suffocating council regulations from the hi-vis dour DumpMaster.
treasure island pirate adventure golf eastbourneThen we took the little personal alarm thingy (that you wear round your neck and press if you fall down and can't get up again) that Nanna never used (I can think of a few PuddleDaddies that could use one after a beer festival) back to the suppliers and I got my promised game of Mini-golf.
Treasure Island is a little complex on Eastbourne seafront with a soft-play area inside, a burger bar, hoity-toity beach front restaurant, outside adventure playground with splashpools and a Pirate Adventure Golf course. I'd already done the rest of it so today we golfed, sandwiched between a family where the mother always got maximum 8 shots due to being rubbish and a family of 5 year-old boys who kept running onto our playing surface when we were still putting.
cycle game that goes round if you pedal princes playpark eastbourneBut the course itself is fab, 18 holes and very long, some of them, with barrel obstacles, alligators and water features, the course loops back over itself twice and there are overhead gantries and tunnels and nets and one of the underground bits had a speaker in it with a looped tape of sea shanties going hooray and up she rises bottle of rum give the dog a bone etc forever.
In 'Prince's Park' nearby, we found many swans and a 3-seat bicycle thing which goes round if you pedal. Even I'm a bit big for it but once I had 2 girlie co-riders Bud span it backwards and we all screamed and pedalled madly and I got tired feet so we rushed back to fill up the car yet again with stuff we're actually keeping and drove home and I babbled to Jof for ages. Killing a cow by throwing eggs at it is something you can do in Minecraft, I guess it sounds strange if you don't play.

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