Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day of Extra Hugs

funny bar saloon sign you decideJof got a call from Nanna's doctor today about how well she wasn't doing. I got a lot of extra hugs, they're being quiet.
Mostly we didn't do anything which is fine by me as I get to go on Hayseed and plant chickens. But when Bud got back I allowed myself to be taken to the park where I played football and attack-chase with one pliable yet pensive adult and a load of Year 2s and below.
milton park portsmouthLater Pops arrived and we played hide'n'seek (only so many places to hide in a park) and pass-the-ball with 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 balls and an Edward, which got very hectic. Speaking of 2 balls, Mrs Pops got me right in the nadgers and nobody rubbed it better at all.
Later, I was on the swinging basket with 2 visitors from Ohio (yes) when one of them tried to knock my hat off and instead knocked out one of my teeth. I did not make a fuss and have added it to my tooth collection.

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