Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Southsea No-Show

swinging chair ride clarence pier funfair southsea castle fieldSadly Jof had to leave us again to go and see Nanna. She had driven to the big roundabout when she realised she'd forgotten the door keys and came back home and decided to stay, why not.
So we got a bonus Jof: we celebrated by sitting quietly in 3 different rooms doing our own thing.
Now a couple of days ago we'd seen many large tents and marquees down on Castle Field, which is a very large open space right on the seafront and very good for large parties like the D-Day commemorations, Welcome the Olympic Torch party, Kite Festivals and the like. So we just knew this lot was for the Southsea Show and decided to cycle down and join in the fun.
Jof helpfully pointed out (just as we were on our bikes with the gate open) that the pamphlet says the Southsea Show is next week but we are nothing if not hopeful so went anyway.
treasure island crazy golf with ropes and anchorAmazingly, she was right and the many tents are empty. So I said I'll do Pirate Pete's then. Pirate Pete's is an indoor soft play venue I have been to many times, in fact it's ideally suited to the under sevens but you're never too old to throw ball-pit balls at each other on the bouncy castle and chase each other around sweating like roasting piglets in the increasingly malodorous room handily sited right next to a Wimpy.
For some reason some 5 year-olds started beating Bud up and after my allotted hour we had a go in the swingpark opposite. I wanted to play Pirate Mini-golf, he said OK then, I'll do your thing if you do mine.
His turned out to be the swinging chair things that go right up into the sky on a big yellow tower. I was not sure. But I passed the height test if not the IQ test and we were strapped in by a strapping wench and we ascended skyward and were buffeted by summer breezes at 41,000 feet and guess which one of us loved it and which one was scared out of his panties.
 In the top picture you can see some of the giant tents on the common, there's more behind the big one and some lorries with folded tents are waiting in the wings.
So I got my promised Pirate Golf and we did the 'other' trail that I don't usually do, and I beat him by 3 shots, a first for my species.
Then Jof and I got the quiet time we needed to buy chickens, grow cherry trees and sell woollens in Haymaker.

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