Sunday, 13 July 2014

Achtung Schweinsteiger!

throw the ball game for kids in the parkmilton park arboretumBit of a lie-in today but poor old Jof had to go and see Nanna again, leaving hoovering-type instructions. I managed to play Hayseed for 2 hours straight while he painted the walls outside. It looks better and so does the floor which has a lot of paint too.
In Big B+Q we bought more paint and I played in the kitchen section, it's like a playground to me for some reason. Then we tried the real playground and kicked the ball to each other for ages.
I have this thing where I lick my finger, appear to have received divine inspiration, and then do a really rubbish kick that ends up in a tree. We had to bomb the ball out of 3 trees, using the same stick each time.
Then Elizabeth joined me and we threw it for a while until I realised I hadn't had lunch and we actually had to buy it from the Co-op. Jof got home late and we watched the world cup final.

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