Sunday, 6 July 2014

Royal Marine Commando!

bransbury park portsmouth miniature steam train ridesWoken up by the tiler who had returned to fit yet more tiles.
Eventually I agreed to scoot to the park so that we could do the bottlebank: he had to carry 6 bags of assorted glassware, I think we filled up the bottlebank, he really does work very hard to generate all that recyclable material.
We did Bransbury Park as well, why not, and saw the Portsmouth Model Engineering Society setting up the miniature steam trains for a private event. What, a train-based wedding? Rail-themed stag do? Coal-fired cremation for a deceased member? It's been ages since I had a train ride.
For lunch I chose the tuna pasta that I bought yesterday. I didn't like it. This keeps happening.
I despondently cleared away all my Lego Eagle's Nest with Funicular Railway to make way for the next project which is a combined armed forces camp. Everything is army for me at the moment, even though I know I'm not going to join up because of the risk of being shot to death.
boy looking under grass skirt of museum exhibitThe tilers left saying they'd run out of gloop and would have to come back tomorrow. That'll put the schedule back by another day, it's been 3 weeks already. Jof rang to say that Nanna is being a pain in the bum what with not listening and not being able to walk properly and she's clearly caught Alzheimer's from the other inmates of the nursing home.
In order to get a run he offered to buy me a go on the trains and also to revisit the Royal Marines museum. If you buy a ticket, you get to go again free of charge within one year so as we had a couple of months left on it, it was a no-brainer, very suitable for us.
But as we got there, it was immediately obvious that something was afoot. The band was playing stirring marching tunes to a massive horse-shoe seating arrangement of elderly onlookers. We climbed the main staircase to get a decent photo and were told off by the event organiser for getting in the way.
In the museum it was pretty well the same as last year so I checked out the medals in the medal room and looked under the skirt of the surprised-looking Masai tribesman (he is anatomically inaccurate, I can report) and they have a sixteen inch brass shell casing that is bigger than any in our collection.
We saw the Malayan jungle snake called Bill and a scorpion and lots of swords and trench art and bombs including a Mills bomb grenade (found a bit of one with the metal detector yesterday) and lots of medals.
royal marines museum event eastney esplanade portsmouth seafront
In the shop I got a not-Lego Kandytoys robotic mine detector and a plastic hand grenade that goes tick tick tick boom and absolutely would not stop going off all the way home.
The rather splendid massed band of the Marines played the last night of the Proms for me as I assaulted the assault course which was nice, and we stopped off in a 3rd park on the way home to pick up some more coins from under the monkey bars. All in a day's work, really.

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