Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rubbing Cream onto sore Nobs

funny newspaper headline madwoman convictedPlayed cricket in PE and did my presentation to the class of my South Korea project and went onto new topic "clothes" in French.
child friendly splash zone near d-day museum, southsea esplanadeBut to more interesting things. The weather was so much better than yesterday, I opted to do the same thing. But you know how it is, you have an idealized dream of going swimming with all the girls and finding a dead shark and getting a free ride on a Police motor boat and all the usual stuff, and you forget your plans and go somewhere else.
In this case it was the splashpark by the D-Day museum. We cycled down because you don't have to pay to park. I splashed and ran around and borrowed a water pistol and became a crocodile infesting shallow rock pools and attacking passing humans and it was ages until I spotted that the average age of the clientele in said splashpark was considerably lower than mine.
like a man who stands in front of the seaI then cycled to the Pyramids corner beach and swam in the sea but all I could find to play with was a plastic bottle so we half-filled it with pebbles, threw it far out and used it as a target. Then I noticed that the rough non-slip underwater surface of the splashpark had chafed my tummy skin something chronic when I was being an alligator and immersing it in salt water stung somewhat.
I cycled home in extra pain where my swimshorts were scratching my inner thighs and I showered with haste and got Jof to rub 'Oilatum' and apr├Ęs-sun lotion into my poor epidermis, which was all red and sticking up in little nobs.
That made it feel better and I was able to do Loom-banding with her for ages.

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