Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Don't look back in Hunger

nothing to do here funny fail bored childTraditionally I am a neophobe when it comes to food. Many's the time I've shouted out "Don' like it!" when I see something new on my plate. About the most adventurous thing in my diet is 'White Crisps' (prawn crackers). I could never eat olives like Ben, or bits of raw red pepper like Bob. Curries are something with a minimum age limit of 25, and don't even talk to me about chilli sauce.
A standard reply is "That's not what I expected", to anything of startling exotic novelty such as a square Pizza, I also require a foot massage and defibrillation afterwards. It is entirely possible I will lose weight on any foreign holiday, (even one to America) unless I discover the local Chicken McNiblet'n'chips Emporium. Perhaps the motto of the holiday should be don't look back in hunger.
Yesterday I was given 2 new Lego Star Wars models as part of a standard shut-up-and-endure-shopping bribe. I was supposed to make them last through the week, but predictably, I snuck upstairs after supper and built this wondrous device, the Poor Droid's version of the X-Wing fighter.
501st legion clone trooper clone pilot pong krell lego star wars mini figuresIt has 2 clone pilot droid trooper types and a giant undercarriage shooter-bomb and a brown chap called Pong Krell with 4 arms who vaguely resembles a pitcher plant.
Today we didn't do much. I was on a promise to visit the adventure playground again so met Paige from my class and had a picnic on a road verge during the lunch hour. I spent the whole afternoon in the sandpit with Layton, Lulabelle and George and we had to wear hats. We designed a way to make sand turds and cooked turd cookies and Kolaches and Strudels and Knödels.

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