Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Urinating into the Hurricane

wheel chair disabled access ramp with 2 steps at the bottomGrandad is off for a couple of weeks to Verona and Pisa to check out the local hotties and also drop lead balls of various sizes off the leaning tower, as you do. He's only 85, after all.
portsmouth watersports centre looks like astronauts on way to rocketFor lunch, I ate the roll I made yesterday at Giant Tesco. It was unimpressive as it had spent so much time in my pocket drying out.
There was just the one builder when I got home, then he finished and left us with 8 binbags worth of rubbish, a carload of cardboard boxes and a big bill. The job is finished! Well, we've still got to paint, but soon the scooter won't have to live in the dining room any more.
training yacht for sea cadetsWednesday park was inconclusive. I played with LittleMax and Owen but some random invader kept booting the ball over the fence, it spent more time out than in.
Ben and the JBs arrived but disaster! When they tried to book sailing, it was full. So I cycled there alone. Cycle paths are dangerous places, someone was coming the other way and I had to swerve 5 times in order to not quite hit him. And then I got told off!
portsmouth outdoor centre watersports Erin and James from my class and Ben's friend Oscar were my compatriots today. We did the same training session although I kept telling everyone I was the best because I'd done it before. We had a new instructor because the old one had dislocated his shoulder paddle-boarding, a lesson there for would-be sportsmen.
Anyway we sailed up and down the channel, a sailor's life for me. Erin and James competed to book back in for next week and they were bad at steering, we nearly capsized and shipped some water but didn't turn turtle.
James did the same I've-got-a-big-one trick with the hosepipe and the instructor tells us that we can go out in pairs next week - no teacher! We get to choose our partners so let's see who's in favour. I showered lots due to being an old salty dog.

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