Monday, 7 July 2014

Setting a bad Example

funny engrish product label failIt seems that Nanna has fibbed about her progress in order to escape god's favourite waiting room and return home. Strange having to tell off your own grandmother for lying. Jof is sending her back.
Speaking of god, Bud dropped me off dead on time to school today and one of my lessons was RE. In it I stated that I did not believe in god and jesus and a crowd clustered around me and said shame on you. I guess these kids are just gullible.
We had to design our own god and draw it with annotations: mine was a 4-armed elephant-headed deity with a squat body. It holds a Rave (Power-staff) of Healing, a Diamond of Communication and its special power is pain relief. I got 2 house points.
abandoned overgrown plot of land on warren avenue miltonBut then it all went wrong. In PE we played a team tournament of handball. I was the only boy on my team and the girlies chatted, didn't pay attention to the play, asked inane questions because they were talking while the teacher was saying the rules and we lost 6-0, 3-0 and 1-0, the last one only because we ran out of time when
I had to argue at them for so long. Buncha girls, what are they good for?
In after-school club I was in charge of a plastic bank and a horse/carriage combo. On the way home we found the first blackberries of the season about 75 yards from Erin's house.
The builders didn't turn up at all today.

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