Saturday, 26 July 2014

On the wrong side of the tracks - again

stokes bay seafront defences fortification battery #2 Jof had one thing to do today - a hairdressers' appointment at 1030. Waking up ten minutes beforehand, she showered, dressed and got there on time, let that be a lesson to people like me who are always last out of the changing room. We took her a sandwich for breakfast.
Then we left the planet again. I'd only just been to Stokes Bay but I really wanted to go back so we used the Gosport Ferry, cycled right past JoniBobsDads' workplace and reached the diving museum in the old Number 2 Battery. It used to have three 9" guns as part of the Portsmouth Harbour defences and all that's gone now but the diving museum has all sorts of scuba models, masks, diving bells, nooks and crannies and a whole load of extra gunpowder tunnels (that the man didn't let me go down) from when it was converted into a nuclear bunker.
crazy mini golf course stokes bay seafrontThey also have 11 little plastic divers hidden around the building as part of a challenge for kids and I found them all - and won a sweetie, FML.
From there it was but a short hop to the minigolf. 'Solent Springs' 12 hole adventure golf course was well-maintained and tranquil with waterfalls and decent shrubberies and some dead boats etc. But some of the holes were very unfair and I got 'Maximum 6' several times and lost my ball in the lake right at the end.
Then I did splashparking with the water pistol I'd forced him to carry the whole time and I shot random adults and everybody else.
derelict castle fort gilkicker conversion to luxury apartmentsI ate most of my cheesy jacket potato in the same café I ate in 2 days ago, and refuelled, we headed out across some paths that are even bumpier than Ben's, to Fort Gilkicker, where we climbed up and found the hole in the fence and looked in the pill-box where the teenagers have their cider and kissing parties, 'cos we found all the empty wrappers.
children on wooden garden bench pulling facesThis strangely named fort has been abandoned like the rest but has now been bought by a developer and will be converted into historical luxury apartments. We also found the one nice area of Gosport with a row of houses that looked like the Royal Crescent in Bath.
garden party for kids with ice cream and swimming poolVery tired, we ferried home and Jof phoned to say we'd been invited to the JBs for a random BBQ. Hurrah!
Erin and the JBs and I played in the pool for ages and did silly run-ups and gave each other points out of 10 and a football destroyed the adults' red wine and we had pasta and they called me the pasta-hoover and there was ice cream in the swimming pool which is when the other glass of wine was destroyed and we sat on Erin and were supposed to watch 'Top Gun' but actually we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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