Friday, 25 July 2014

Through the Looking-Glass, Darkly

specsavers opticians commercial road portsmouthI like days off. Jof got me breakfast and I had no further distractions from Haymaker until 10am.
We actually had one appointment - an eye test for Bud. I watched the various ocular technicians doing their stuff, one machine's only job is to blow puffs of air into the eye. Wonder what it's called. But then he said read that sign on the wall, and I couldn't, so I've been booked in to have an eye test! I know Ben wants to wear glasses, perhaps they'll make me look all academic and distinguished.
Then I met the ever-smiling Poppy C in MacDingles, where I drowned Chicken McMorsels in little paper origami pots of ketchup.
landport adventure playground sandpit arundel st portsmouthThe Landport Adventure Playground was open but empty, so I commandeered the sand pit until it closed on me, ouch. Got a promise to return after the lunch hour.
I helped put the laundry out and we cycled back to the sandpit playground in the rain. I climbed on all the new frames, rope bridges, tree-houses etc and gave my seal of approval. Then Bud started trying to kill me with a red blow-up kids ball (apparently called ball tag) and gradually a dozen or so joined in (apart from the lone fat kid who sat in the tepee hooting to himself) which left the sandpit free so I dug holes and did some civil engineering with bits of gutter and drainpipe, while the game of ball tag I'd instigated went on around me.
We took advantage of Jof actually being with us at a weekend and had Film Night "Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure" during which I gave my usual loud commentary with loud questions about the things I'd missed due to giving the loud commentary ... sound familiar?
You may be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with the Reaper (don't fear him).

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