Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Orthopaedic Matricide

mosman police in rawson park do stop and search and seize on delinquent teenagersPoor old Nanna is still stuck in her temporary respite care rest home placement, and isn't enjoying it. Problem is, her caregiver facility is full of ... old timers, who routinely fail the standard question 'Who is the current president' because they answer 'My Albert will be back from the war in a minute to take me home', 'Have you come to fix the roof?' or, simply, 'Gargle'.
portsmouth gymnastics centre alex way northern parade hilseaAt school today I exercised my talent for swapping by getting a fishtail loomband for a chain necklace and a starburst bracelet for an infinity ring and all sorts of other obscure things known only to level 7 initiates.
Therefore I spent the journey to and from Gymnastics looming a Benzene ring or possibly a Tesla coil or a Loop of Henlé or a Mobius Strip or a Sulphur Crown, which at least made me quieter. Visited the park briefly, only 6 people I knew. What's the world coming to?
I got my Level 3 Gymnastics award today, but by the time I'm a 5-time Olympic gold Medallist, it won't matter.

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