Monday, 21 July 2014

It's a fair Cop, Guv

wifi funny cartoon bird hanging in mid air off telegrapg poleThis house has just come on the market for the first time ever. A listed building, it was built for senior naval officers in 1798, has a huge walled garden with 2 orchards, stables, 12 foot ceiling heights, sea views, 10 bedrooms, balcony, all the usual stuff. It's nearly 5 times the size of our house. If I had £975,000, I'd buy it. Although it would mean living in Gosport ...
naval officers quarters gosport listed buildingCycled to school today which was much better than walking, I should do that more often. But this was because the Police were at my school today putting security markings on bikes, worth doing, why not. Well I'll tell you why not. I always end up at the end of the queue because I'm polite. When I got to the front, they'd run out of marking equipment.
As Jof was away I did after-school club again and spent the whole time with Ben. First it was football and then after cake it was Wild West Spy Battle in which some Playmobil plastic figurines did derring-do night-fighting which all kicked off when I sold Ben 2 empty barrels of gunpowder.
Sadly the school was locked so I couldn't pick up my bike, hope nobody steals it. We've found out our classes and teachers for next year and I've got the same teacher. There won't be any Puddlers in my class. In Cub Scouts I found that Adam is going to the same island on the same day, which means the same flight!

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