Thursday, 17 July 2014


funny pub sign rehydrating dalekA very hot day, we didn't wear shirts on the way back from school.
Thursday is a free day for me so I got my chance to do Loom-banding and Hayseed while housework went on so I could have been happy.
But you know the way, I got a bit hot under the collar I wasn't wearing. We took a single box of unused tiles back to the shop and they gave us some money, and tried to get money back from the bathroom shop whose error had cost us £60 in extra plumbers' fees. And we walked past MacDougalls. Once upon a decade I used to go regularly ie at least once every few months but it seems that there has been a McDrought.
B&Q store fratton way portsmouth contact adhesive sectionSo I complained and wheedled and griped even when he said we could go next week so this is why I'm a grump in the glue section. We were there to get glue to fix my Loom-banding box because the little cells where you keep each colour of rubber
band always fall apart. I was surrounded by Flex-o-stick and Insta-Bond and Adhesive-4-Ever and Plank-O-Grab etc but wasn't letting go of my huff that easily.
The bathroom walls are now painted, just the woodwork to go. Perhaps the heat is stopping us sleep and we all need the end of term.

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