Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fort Brockhurst and the like

palmerston fort parade groundSo I remembered that getting up early and quietly playing Minecraft on the tablet is OK as long as you don't wake anyone up.
So I woke Jof up and went downstairs. Later, we drove to Gosport which seems like a mistake but Fort Brockhurst was open (for 4 hours, every second Saturday of the month, summer months only) and we haven't been there yet.
Stopping only to check out a rather poor swingpark on Elson Road, we approached just after opening time. It's got a big round Keep and massive walls with ramparts and slopes and expense magazines and a load of old barracks and tunnels and caponiers and toilets and a workshop and the bit where a German bomb fell and knocked out one of the arches.
english heritage fort brockhurstIn the keep we opened more doors than we were supposed to and saw a few extra areas but didn't climb the spiral staircases to the roof. The ramparts have signs on saying sheer drop so we carefully didn't fall off and they have massive carp and dragonflies in the moat, huge cannons and beehives.
In the 'Institute' we saw artefacts and I played stack'em with some wooden bricks.
barbecue food pasta watching world cup 3rd place playoffsUpon our return, Jof told me the good news. Not only had the JBs invited me round for a random football-related BBQ, but Ben asked me to play Hayseed with him! I can't wait to laugh at Brazil again.
fifa world cup penalty shootout game on ipadSo Ben and I played FIFA World Cup penalty shootout and then we cycled round to the JBs and I had a 3rd helping of pasta and we watched Holland kill Brazil, and Kill Brazil 2 (2nd half) at home, Bud not present due to being in London seeing old schoolfriends.

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