Wednesday, 30 July 2014

This Island Nation

rustic terracotta tiles bespoke wooden kitchen unitsoffered colonic irrigation as gesture of goodwill funny fail local newspaper articleAwoke in this other Eden, this sceptred isle, and sat upon the royal throne of kings, aha.
Last night, as a member of the happy breed of men, I helped Jof by mopping the kitchen floor in preparation for our new kitchen island.
loombanding in corner of roomOur kitchen already has rustic terracotta tiles and a rustic booze cupboard straight from the charity shop, and this rustic Marseille distressed island will really rack up the rusticness (rusticity?) In fact, all we need now is a hand-made craft scarecrow sitting in a corner drinking scrumpy and we'll be set. The delivery guys didn't speak English, or indeed, each others' languages, but with gestures and persistence, the island was installed. Now Jof just has to re-arrange the kitchen 4 times to fill it.
portsmouth watersports centre learn to sail courseBriefly, I entertained Poppy with loom-bands and then we played Huskies which is running around the house with a lot of grappling, and Husky Hide'n'seek which is finding Lego Huskies. Also we played "it" with my plastic hand grenade. Anywhere Jof wanted to sit in peace, we disturbed it.
Now, you can't live on this precious stone set in the silver sea without going sailing, so I met up with some other Jolly Jack Tars (and Jill Tars) at the sailing club for some more mirth on the ocean wave.
Answering the call of nature this time were the JBs, and Oscar. I was placed with Bob and Oscar, Johnny was with a girl.
portsmouth watersports centre RIB safety vessel rescuing stricken sailors
Johnny went in 4 times, but 2 of those he jumped. We capsized but once we'd been righted, Bob refused to get back in the boat with us and got a transfer to a shore position. Oscar and I continued and only capsized a further 3 times, our stricken vessel being righted for us by the nice instructor in the safety RIB. It was super-mega low tide and there was only a little ribbon of water deep enough for our keels and we did run aground for one of our capsizes, then we had to stay back at the kiddie end doing circuits and bumps while everyone else went down the lake and had a race. I was second out of the changing room this time, proves I can do it.

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