Monday, 14 July 2014

2-Step x 6-Pack = 12 Guage

little girl praying for clothes for porn stars funnyToday in PE we played handball again. Last time I was the only boy on the team and we lost worse than Brazil. This time, even though I had been promised a better team, I still got a buncha girls, who chatted and were generally useless, especially when Calum budged Leona over and her arm leaked blood everywhere and we all had to go to the headteacher to discuss it. Some might say it's lucky to be randomly picked into a large group of girls 2 weeks running but I'm not sure.
rendered house walls white masonry paint bottlebrushe tree in a potSunny so kicked the ball in the park again. We are of the same skill level ie rubbish so we played the dancing-around game without any sense of team play of the next generation Brazilian team, Ronaldinetto, Talktalk, Muriela, Grobag and Geraldinho. I kicked the ball right into the cleft of a sunbather, she didn't mind.
Then he painted while I played Hayseed, it's difficult to farm chickens while selling pizzas and buying tapestries and whatever else it is I do on there. When Jof got home I taught her to feed the chickens (they have snorkels) and she played it the whole time I was at Cub Scouts getting my 'Global' badge.

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