Friday, 4 July 2014

Don't trust anyone, ever

beer drinker loses consciousness fail funny cctv footageWell, a lot of the news happened before school, let alone in it.
Dear Follower Martin was walking to the train station on his morning commute when he met some policemen zipping up a stiff (no) into a bodybag at the side of the road, the formerly alive person failed to cross the road safely. Later, Bud phoned Grandad and he said Oh, you're still alive then, the BBC news is talking about a 44 year-old man killed in a traffic accident leading to the closure of the entire Eastern Road. Bud, 44, uses that one for the morning commute.
character building lego ripoff sports stars Then the school sent out a letter saying a nasty-man tried to snatch one of my schoolfriends from the pavement right outside the school so now we all have to wear chains and GPS tracker implants.
So this is why they keep going on about road safety and never trusting drivers even when the light is red, and there's me thinking it always happens to someone else.
But then I went swimming and got some more FIFA stickers and 2 new not-Lego figurines. One figurine is a Zombie Cheerleader. You can't even trust cheerleaders nowadays? All those films lied to me.

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