Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Cooling-off Period (DoubleNuts)

freshly cut logs at base of large tree storm damage bransbury park portsmouthWhat a hot day! I didn't wake up for last nights' thunderstorms either.
A slow start with peanut butter on toast etc. I played Minecraft and Haymaker naked on the sofa, pictures not posted this time due to unreasonable interest from Austria.
But Jof was working so we did the bottlebank walk. Making sure we had sausages, black pudding and baked beans for tomorrows' breakfast, we met ex-Puddler Emma who had a piezo-electric toy plastic shotgun. It shocks the user via a live trigger and we all had a laugh about it, and in private, much pain.
The parks officials have cut down some big trees, perhaps storm damage, but they left some really big logs, shame we don't have a bonfire any more.
osborne road southsea food festival roads closed Then Jof got home, had lunch and left us again to see Nanna. You could tell she didn't want to, because she is tired and Nanna isn't doing well, not having a pleasant time, much like my other grandmother.
Jof had told us about the Southsea Food Festival so we cycled down and sampled the overpriced wares of the ice cream stall and pizza suppliers. There was a live band and many stalls often selling speciality olives. We got some artisanale pasta of many colours and some black pasta which we've kept for Jof.
Then we cycled all round the houses (my viewpoint, although it was an efficient route) to Yellow Plum Park where as if by magic we met Ben and the JBs.
hosepipe games water pistol rifle in paddling poolWe were just setting up bases for sniper attack when the promised bad weather didn't materialize and we decided to invade the JB house and fill their new paddling-swimming-pool with water. On the way, we were just enjoying free blackberries from the patch of unclaimed land just by Erin's house when Erin herself turned up and we morphed into a crocodile of delight, a convoy of hot kids, picking up Elizabeth on the way.
This was a team effort involving argument, a hosepipe, several buckets, pots, pans and at least one water pistol. Gradually the pool filled up and we cooled off therein, another epic performance by the JB household who can please many little kids with the kind of thing we like to do.
boy squirting pantsAt some point water balloons made an appearance and we jointly invented a game of filling each others' pants with balloons and laying eggs and making double-gonads and squirting each other in the penis with the hose and the girls joined in as best they could and the adults got wet as well, but only because they were wetting themselves with laughter due to lots of inappropriate actions (if that's the way you see it).
BBQ pasta was thankfully provided just when we needed it so we simply recharged our batteries and got right back in again until about 730 when we cycled home, against my will, I wanted it to never end. I showered and we lined up for film night (Predator, another Arnie special).

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