Thursday, 1 March 2012

I may be a lyre but don't harp on about it

funny fail government spies $20 bill
I am on a 5-point warning system for Johnnys' party this weekend. This was triggered by my insistence on arguing against anything I don't want to do (read a book, go to bed, turn off the TV, eat in the dining room) because I know best. Just you wait until I'm a teenager, for I will know all. So Jof got Johnnys' present yesterday, he wanted Bunmuffin cards. I have never heard of these Bollweevil cards, apparently Binwaffle is an online game.
pile of furniture to make denMy class will soon perform a play (with songs) called The Billy Groats Guff. So easy to get those guys mixed up. Anyway, instead of second assistant understudy musical chorus line cannon fodder like I played in the Reception year Nativity play, I have landed the headlining role of "Troll" and get all the best lines although they lose me after the Bridge scene. I stress that this is a fierce silicon-based lifeform troll in charge of toll gate receipts and customs document processing as opposed to a cyber-bully troll.
This afternoon I got 6/6 in the mock spelling test: this means I will either get 0/6 or 12/6 in the real test tomorrow. Pops came round to play dens. I do other tings wiv der lidies, it's not just dens, but that's a big part of it.
At suppertime we looked at the script for the play and I practised my lines with acting tips from the olds. Both have trod the boards in anger so are experienced Thespians. They were both in that musical with the unusually positioned balloons in the hotel in Morocco, Jofs' Mum has been a stage manager for Eastbourne Amateur Dramatics and Bud once played 2nd person-that-holds-up-a-flag in Jeddah Light Opera Society's rendition of "Merrie England". It's now all I can do not to ad-lib a few Ho - Hos and unexpected soliloquies to the fourth wall.

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