Friday, 30 March 2012

P. Shingle Esq, Inventor of the Funicular Teapot

bottom paste nappy rash ointment funny productFriday! And the end of term (again). Ben finished yesterday because of an inquest day but Erin and I have had to hold on to the last.
Grandma has had her home assessment and had a go on the stairlift I checked out for her, with luck the hospital will let her out soon. She'll have to have a lot of machines to help her move around, I'd better try them all out to make sure they're OK.
changing for swimming lessonJof asked for the Bay tree out the front to be severely pruned (not plummed) so now we have a huge pile of Bay branches drying in the sun.
impromptu football game in pub beer gardenThus later, we'll have plenty of dry leaves to make double-ended cracklebombs like Ben and I made last bonfire.
The swimming teacher says next week is off, because of Good Friday. Doesn't sound that good to me if I can't swim.
After supper Jof went to bed so there's only one way to be absolutely quiet - be somewhere else. Fortuitously, we got a challenging text from the JoniBobs and so met them at the Pirate Ship Pub.
sitting on a playhouse in pub beergarden
Luca from Erins' class was there as well and some taller ones so we all got on with games in the garden - football (here we are, Erin and I both being referees), hide'n'seek, catch/piggy in the middle etc. There was only 1 howl when Bob skinned his back on a bench so no actual arguments at all. They have a new plastic house that's exactly the same as mine but it does have a massive jagged hole in the roof - great for chopping arms and legs off. This is how all these houses die. Ben's one went to the tip last week because it was walls-only, the pub one has only 3 decent roof panels left and even my one is going the same way. I will be disposing of it at the end of the year.

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  1. We skipped our house with the huge hole in it last week - have they reclaimed it and painted it?!


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