Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hi Ho Sylverado

beware of the camel funny signAfter a splendid night's sleep without my baby blankie we surveyed the estate and then blew holes in cardboard boxes with Grandad's shotgun. It's only small but boy does it make a noise. Some horses wandered over to see what the fuss was about but we didn't shoot them. boy on a stairliftboy with 410 shotgun and destroyed cardboard boxesI tried out the promised stairlift: it tweets to tell you it's arrived at its final destination and wasn't exactly the rollercoaster of doom.
We also cantered outside for a trot up the bridleway and trudged through very gloopy mud, I had to change trousers as my fetlocks were muddy. Every field seemed to be full of horses.
I draw your attention to a sign about a camel and Barbara Windsor lying down in a road. We didn't see either.
muddy bridleway in dorset
Saw Grandma one more time and then drove to Dorchester Castle which was closed. One long drive home and it was Beer'O'Clock at Erin's place.....
Due to a temporal anomaly, we arrived nearly 2 hours late to find that ErinsMum had won the rugby and a footballer had died on the pitch.
facepainting trio jumping onto beanbagsWell, these things, and that we'd missed much beer time and playtime and some highly competent face painting and the incident in which Ben said to his dad "Yes, but you're just a ****ing idiot" which got him a clap round the bum.

kids serving at pretend restaurant So I got stuck into the melee which was climbing on the cupboard and jumping onto the beanbag. Then there was wrestling, pushing and shoving, raised hands and a red card for Ben and the JBs because Erin was in tears in her own room. We all just can't help it, one thing leads to another and we don't know when to stop. Of course, it could all be my fault, they'd been playing perfectly happily for 2 hours before I turned up.
After the boys had gone off for an early bath, the tone changed and Beth and I played racing games with Erin, taking turns to be controller: then there was the Jumping Show with the beanbag, and the Erin Restaurant - Beth served, I brushed everything with a make-up brush and Erin cooked the books. She even put some clothes back on. We insisted that each adult played the role of customer and they took turns and opened more and more bottles.
It was so late that I missed Fizzer night again.

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