Sunday, 25 March 2012

Blowing my own vuvuzela: the first BBQ of summer

homemade hovercraft playhouseWell, a relaxed start to the day, given the point-scoring and box-ticking of yesterday.
lining up toy cars on conservatory floor
Once the shopping had been gleaned it was suddenly time for the first BBQ of the year, called right on the day that the clocks went forward and the Bransbury park trains started.
filling up an umbrella in the bathtubThe Popses were packing for Egypt (the girls will command a high price at the market, well over 30 camels each) and the Bens had inlaws (which is a kind of disease that you get from parents) and Beth was busy but Erin and I invaded the JBs and got busy in the hovercraft.
Erin and Bob sometimes have arguments but this time they found lots of things to collaborate on. I would never have thought to fill up an umbrella in the bath.
Johnny said some bad words beginning with F which earned him a shouting, much like Mr Ben after what he said to his Dad.
Hometime was seven something and none of us wanted to stop.

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