Monday, 12 March 2012

What would Mungle do?

what has been seen cannot be unseen funny surprised catHooray for inset days, this'll be a short week. If this weather holds, I'll get a tan!

Today was Toilet Mayhem Day. While we were outside for third break, someone nipped into the boy's toilets and threw my coat down the toilet. My teacher thinks this was an opportunistic random bit of naughtiness, not some targeted attack on yours truly. So I had to stand up in front of the school and everyone got a rollicking from the Head in assembly and she did the thing where the culprit has to own up or the whole school gets dipped in boiling pitchblende, you know the one. So we all had our ideas and most of us are blaming Sam although he denies it. Of course normally you'd expect it to be Naughty Amy or Naughty Alannah but they're not allowed in the boy's toilets. A witness states that it was a blonde boy, but that's all we've got.
Then not only, but also, the behaviour spread as Erin's hat also took a dive bogwards and some terribly rude words were written on the door in the girl's stalls - some really bad ones like poo-wee-poo-wee, poohead and weewee. It's lucky the Reception year kids can't read or they'd be scarred for life. And yes, it is amazing that out of the whole school, my girlfriend and I got khazied clothing, but this is what I report. Of course I shrink from the associated limelight.
At Beavers we made paper aeroplanes and Archie blubbed a lot. Also we made clay animals towards a nature badge: I elected to make a squid.

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