Monday, 19 March 2012

Bank error in your favour, collect £200

jesus touch me inappropriate funny school book
Back to work rehearsing 'Billy Goats Gruff' for the Year 1 play in a few days, as I'm the Troll I suppose that means I'm practising troilism.
Even more spelling words! Will this incessant cavalcade of heterogeneous terminologies never culminate? Also I got yet another "Your child had a nose bump" note. Other kids choose head bumps, knee bumps or girlie bumps but I will leave my boat race to medical science (nasal division).
alternating timed swinging spring day in the parkStraight out of school Erin invited us to the park so we did some quality swinging, giggling and screaming. But Mrs Ben had an important transatlantic teleconference with Hugo Chavez and George Bush so we hastened back to collect Ben for her. She hadn't picked up our confirmation message so we ended up with no Ben, no Erin and lots of time. So we planted all the seeds we'd bought and hoped it didn't frost again like it did last night.
In Beavers we arrived so early we had to wait for the ballerinas to leave, then I got to unpack all the chairs! We invented Mr Men characters, drew them, cut them out and stuck them onto straws and did a puppet show with them from behind an upturned table. Mine was Mrs Smiles.
Now, after supper #2, back to Monopoly....Bud killed Jof with a Mayfair right in the wallet, he won't last long.

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  1. I am very sorry that I didn't get your message. Did you call my mobile? I think my ansafone doesn't work cos it did say I had 3 messages but could hear none!

    Thank you Mr Bud for offering to have him. I feel very sad that it didn't work out.

    Mrs Ben.


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