Saturday, 10 March 2012

And on that day, Satan will be skate-parking to work

Oh Yeah baby. Another busy one, I got up 9-ish and he joined me about 10. Bacon and eggs, woo-hoo.
scaling the walls of the pyramids southseaTook a trip to Marylebone Station, no, it was Southsea Skate Park (under new management). I rented one of their helmets and entered the busy environment after a quick trip to the castle to leave more speaking rocks for unsuspecting tourists. We came back via the Pyramids where the outer wall presented a groovy challenge - I climbed it first time and slid down without needing new trousers.
smallest jump ramp in southsea skate parkThe skate park was quite busy.
The nice lady said it was much quieter on weekday afternoons and first thing on weekends but given our track record, you've gotta wonder whether we'd ever make it. The clientele were all older and bigger than me, also a lot more skilful. OK, so it was my first time, and my first time scooting on a non-uniform sloping surface. I tried 4 different obstacles and did really well for a newbie. There was only 1 person in there smaller than me and only 1 girl.
I did the: long slope (disappears into a giant bowl of graffiti) and the sperm (wiggles and woggles into a giant bowl) and the simple jumpy-slope thing and the orange area.
long concrete ramp in southsea skate parkI took a tea break where we met our next-door neighbour (of all the skate parks etc) and watched the bigger people doing seriously complex jumps and stuff where they rotated their bikes or scooters in mid-air, did uber-back flips, triple salcos or puncture repairs before landing.
OK, so one contestant fell down and was surrounded by helmeted scooty-people before being taken away by the first aiders. I just took it slowly. Shortly after he bought a large coffee (only 180 of your earth pence from the French vendors) I was a bit tired, this is when he realised we hadn't put money in the parking meter so thus ended the session after about 1 1/2 hours.
I do not fully recommend it for a Puddler visit as it's a bit full-on and it'd be too easy for someone to lose more teeth than the Tooth Fairy would be prepared to pay out on. Give it another year. Also the Local boys with their Local language may cause other Puddlers some consternation.
southsea skate park orange rampHome, no ticket (lucky). Straight out for some Tunnel Park action with a 20p transformer from the charity shop and a load of bacon/black pudding/eggs for breakfast. Then Jof got back and suggested we did some gardening - cue 3 hours of ash and compost distribution, hedge chopping and sweeping. Too much for me, hello Scooby Doo. After he got back from the "deliver ErinsMum's B'day card" run, no rest for the stupid, I called a game of Totopoly which may have been won by me if A) I bet enough and B) we could be bothered to wait around for the results. This meant we were too late for fizzer night and I went to bed unwashed with the promise of excessive lathering tomorrow.

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