Friday, 16 March 2012

It's always shady under my family tree

The battle of the Blanket
I have a security blanket that was made for me by Nanna when I was born. It is green and smooth and has stitching down one side for something to hold onto and I have gone to bed with it every day of my life. I also have a backup/travel blanket which is much the same and functionally identical but is totally different and a pale shadow of the real one. When it is bed-changing time, the "Blankie" goes in the washing machine as well and has to be put on the radiator so it's ready for use that night - all this without me knowing, for I will hyperventilate and turn purple at the mere thought of being Blankie-less.
One the one hand, Bud says that I'm six and a bit and should have voluntarily burnt the Blankie when I turned 3, and that it's way under my age range and woe betide me if my friends ever find out, for they will tease me mercilessly.
On the other hand, Jof says it's harmless and I should be allowed to give it up in my own time, and for any future wives it'll be a case of love me, love my Blankie.
I throw the floor open to a vote. Does anyone else have experience of a similar device?
As it happens, I have elected to leave it behind for our trip to Ooo-Arr land, I will see how going cold blanket affects me.
town sign puddletown dorset and blue vinny pubI'm online in Dorset! Grandad has powered forward into the 20th century. On the way we stopped twice. First was Puddletown where we saw a nice looking pub (The Blue Vinny)  that does lunches, but didn't eat. There was also a little stream which is called the Piddle. The whole area is Piddle-y, there's Piddlehinton, Piddletrenthide etc, but then the Victorians thought it was a bit risque so changed it to Puddle. Thus you have Briantspuddle, Affpuddle and Puddletown.
orbital skateboard circle in playparkLater we stopped again in the Roman County town of Dorchester and I bought "Joker", one of the Lego villains and I'm practising my troll voice on him.
physiotherapy equipment in yeatman hospital sherborneOn the way to see Grandma we checked out a swingpark that's big on using piles of earth as obstacles, it has a good wooden climbing frame and a big turning wheel I've never seen before.
Grandma can talk much better now but still can't get up. I explored the hospital and tried out some of the contraptions in the "Torture Chamber" (the physiotherapy and rehab room). The hospital is much nicer than the previous mortuary waiting room but still has its fair share of wanderers, mumblers, sneezers and burblers.

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