Friday, 23 March 2012

Tell it like it is, unknown cyborg

sloping car tyres construction climbing obstacle in playparkwhat has been seen naked running man funnySport relief day at school today so wore the Pompey top and trackies, I usually forget to wear school shoes anyway. But what a lovely day, it's the beginning of a wonderful summer, honest.
And because of these things, I went straight to the park with hundreds of my schoolfriends. After the usual whack-a-mole game on the sloping tyres and hanging on to the turning wheel in desperation, I headed for the climbing bushes but was outnumbered by older boys from the junior school. I headed to the climbing holly tree, but was again outnumbered. These are my trees. How dare other boys occupy my trees?
playing in the royal artillery pub beer gardenBack in swingpark, Zak and Flynn and I joined forces to throw wood chips at a certain bald parent until he'd had enough.
blue pool cue chalk rubbed onto noseWhile I was at swimming, Bud bought me Lego Hero (villain) "Splitface" for my performance as Troll, or was it my overall cool factor, can't be sure. On the way back from swimming, we stopped off at the bathroom store to see just how many broken pallets we could fit in the back of our new car, for bonfire time approacheth! Just when I was assembling Splitface, out we went to the pirate ship pub for Beer'o'clock! Does the joy never cease?
There we met Erin and the JBs but no Ben who was on Isolation for some transgression or other, shame. But we all had torches and Charlie and wotsisface and thingy from Gemma, ex-manager of Puddleducks so we played hide and seek in the dark garden. We all played with the blue chalk for pool cues, that's why Johnny appears to have Bluenose disease. I fell over and dropped all my mini-cheddars but otherwise it was ace, fab and schwing of maximus groove, just like me.

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  1. Ben decided it was funner (sic) staying at home doing numeracy with me. Honest!


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