Sunday, 11 March 2012

One of those days

toilet paper aisle of the supermarket denSundays are for lazing. Mr Ben hath taught us this so we tried to match his sterling efforts.
We all went shopping which is where we met Mr JoniBobs: he talked about beer which is normal.
waiting to cross the road at the traffic lights with scooters
Later he went running so I elected to watch Jof crochet, the new spectator sport. Luckily I was saved from this by Erin, who had just driven back from the land of her fathers (strong on leeks, sheep, coal and singing) so really needed to stretch her legs. We scooted to the park and made dens in the bush. Chased home by yet another full bladder, we busied ourselves with cutting and sticking until she went, Pops was busy so I played computer games for the rest of the day. I found some new ones where you're a zeppelin and you drop torpedoes, etc.
He excavated a few cubic yards of compost from the compost heap and it's now my job to fill the garden with flowers. I got the promised bath fizzer night and was in bed for 9 something.

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