Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cast out into the pit of foam

suspended rings over practice foam pit, portsmouth gymnastics centreToday was ex-Puddler Zak's party, in the same place as last year and with a lot of the same attendees. I haven't been to Portsmouth Gymnastics centre for months and it was great to be back in the foam pit.
portsmouth gymnastics birthday partyPart way through, one of the kids invented shoving the foam up the back of your own shirt to make a rocket pack. Soon, we were all Rocket Men until Jof said I had to remove it in case it stretched my shirt. Here is ex-Puddler Lewis modelling the very latest in bi-directional double rocket jet packs.
One enterprising youth put one down the front of his trousers as well. We all jumped into the pits many times and Bud threw us in as well. Poor Jack Wadham was quiet with a headache but mad Rosie wasn't and everyone got pink with effort. The rest of the room was full of girlie gymnasts from the university bouncing around, which is always a sight.
The afternoon was lazy so I instigated another game of Monopoly (as yet unfinished) in which the first house was built on Mayfair.

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