Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bonfire of the insanities

funny stop sign unless busy texting
Oreos are 100 years old today. I really must try one.
It was a lovely day (if a bit nippy) so straight away I elected to have a bike ride over to Bens' bumpy paths to play on the rocks and see if he was in.
excavating storm drain pipe in public amenity play area
Bud secretly planned a trip to Southsea Skate park instead, but all our plans were outranked when Erin rang from the park and asked me to join her. We scooted over as fast as poss and linked up with Lucy and ex-Puddler Emma and a million other yellowshirts in the bright sunshine.
sad child on park bench
In no time at all Erin and I (and ErinsMum) were cackling and giggling and hat-stealing. The glum picture is more to do with lack of biscuity snacks but Buds' magic bag solved that and, using the resultant sugar rush, we excavated the pipe of unknown origin again and buried the hat at sea. Much cackling and guffawing later, it was time to go and I did some extra circuits of the park on the way out. We both had a great time, I could get used to Girlie Park Tuesday.
I have had a cold for a few days. So because of the usual wiping my nose on my sleeve/dripping nose etc, I have developed a little pink rash right in the Hitler position.

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