Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lazy day, dream away

giant bowl cycle obstacle in southsea skate parkYet another day of despondency and ennui. First we caught a bus to Southsea where we were supposed to check out the skate park and buy me a sleeping bag for the Beaver Scout camping trip. Thus we went into Knight and Lee and I bought "Furno", one of the Lego Heroes who has a ball-gun, lines on his head where fire comes out, breathing hosepipes and handcuffs. It's a heady combination.
football party at roko playfootballThe seafront is only a few minutes' walk away so we deposited a few more speaking rocks and came back via the skatepark. It sounds cheap, there are many curvy slopes and ramps and jumpy bits, a decent sound system and you get to stay there for 3 hours if you really need to. All the clientele were older than me and some of them were doing quite complicated jumps and cycling but there are plenty of beginner areas. I'm standing in a vast concrete bowl that I had to climb out of in this picture.
taking a penalty in soccerWe'd run out of time so caught 2 buses right to our front door to get to Johnnys' party in time: it turned out he'd mistaken 1pm for 2pm and I had an hour left to play with my new hero.
birthday party at playfootball roko portsmouthThe football party was just like being back at Thursday football. It was great with a drink break and protection from the keen westerly wind that was freezing the balls off the brass parents. We did Bulldogs, penalties, running around a lot and a game that we lost 6-1, I scored but Johnny scored more. In fact, he kept winning everything, it must be a fix. Then we had food (I had a seriously long fish finger) and cake and candles and party bags and all the usual stuff, all was great.
The traffic on the way there and back was really bad, Portsmouth Football Club played what might be their last ever game if the Taxman kills them.
Somebody did the "Glue a 10p coin onto the pavement" trick near our house. Jof and I failed to pick it up. I mentioned this to Bud. He went out with a giant chisel. Nobody tricks the Munglet. 10p richer, thanks, Mr Anonymous.

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