Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Morty Vicker, inventor of the Cucumber Sandwich

sunny conditions across the whole country in marchoboy kex and bugg funny sweet products
If this weather keeps up, I might just go and live in the park. Got yet another headbump notification when Willow (or was it Honey) pushed my head into the fence, my sore skull, or is it cracked cranium, may well be more bump than head.
chocolate and juice under the slide climbing frameErin and I met back at ours for us to get changed and we ran to the park. It was going really well until Bud squeezed the juice bottle so it went all over me, I got angry and rugbied him which sent a further shower of juice over the nearest 3 mummies. I howled and was not to be consoled until loss of TV rights was mentioned, then we had a picnic under the slide. This is not the Radio Station slide I use for boys' picnics, this is the other one, have to keep them separate. Eventually Erin slyly inviegled herself back to ours for cutting and sticking while the mummies talked crochet (for they are pensioners) and Bud repot the ricins (for he is an international bioterrorist); I cut while Erin made posters for an Easter party I've invented and still believe will happen.
Her list of rules: (spelling has been modified to protect the innocent)
Do not fight
Do not take down the posters
Do not use the F word

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