Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mrs Nextmatch, Inventor of Tantric Knitting

snore funny swedish sweet producthomemade party invitations with easter eggs This morning I excitedly dished out the party invites at school. As the day chosen is free and the Kaves aren't too far away, Jof has agreed to actually take me there, maybe some schoolfriends will join me.
sitting down on the job, basket chair in B+QErin's coming. It took me ages to colour in all the Easter eggs; the text reads "on next thursday at kray kaves please pay for yorself". And as this informal gathering is half Erins' idea, we'll all have to abide by her rule "Don't use the F word". 
The afternoon was spent in the garden. Or the garden centre, anyway. I helped Jof spend £103 on plants and then I helped unload them and the 3rd batch of Elizabeths' wood from the car. My work done, I snatched the chance to get an hour and a halfs' free TV while they slaved away outside installing the flowers, fertilising, hosing, etc. This picture is of me doing what I do best in a suspended basket-chair thing in B+Q.
Today is official Measuring Day and in the last 1/4 I have grown 1.5 cm.

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