Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Digging gold from a one-track mine

A new destiny for the Mungle household! The town of Buford, Wyoming is up for sale. It's billed as the smallest town in the USA, has its own zip code, off-ramps from the interstate (I80, New York to California) and transcontinental railway sidings. At an elevation of 8,000 feet, the lucky purchaser will be safe from sea level rises. The auction includes the whole town - petrol station, trading post, 3-bed house, schoolhouse, outbuildings and 10 acres. It also offers the opportunity to change the name of the town, unrivalled views of the Rocky Mountains and the chance to get cut off by snow at least a couple of times a year. The reason for this sale by auction? The one, single (1) resident is retiring. Reserve price is about $100K so a little out of my range currently.
buford wyoming usa smallest town in america population 1 town for sale auction

Welcome to the day of truth in which 25 teachers and 200 pupils will attempt to unmask the Phantom Bogblocker(s) in a hysterical witch-hunt of accusation, denouncements and counter-accusation. I'm just glad to have my coat back. Looks like it wasn't Erin who lost her hat to the U-bend of doom, so easy to get the girlies mixed up. My teacher has a couple of likely suspects.
toy car truck helicopter army vehicle collectionErinsMum was quite sleepy at pickup time and couldn't be sure of her own name so we took Erin back to ours and played cars. Not a girlie-oriented activity, to be fair, to be sure, but there were no road rage incidents.
dancing to tom and jerry cartoon musicEven better, I found an AA fleet ID badge in the boy's toilets today so during the games Erin played the damsel in automotive distress and I played the handsome AA man who drilled the cars until they worked again.
B+Q seed packets selection, garden flowersThe AA badge has an expiry date of August 2011 so I got to keep it. Looks like all the best things happen in the boy's toilets, must tell Ben. Looking forward to his rendition of the "Sexy boys, we are sexy boys" song tomorrow.
After snacks, we did the "Jumping up and down" groovy dance to a Tom'n'Jerry number, but practically the first thing she said when we got home was can I see your willy again. Just keeping the ladies happy.
When Erin had gone, we hit B+Q and spent £40 on flower seeds alone, that'll be enough for the year.
****Buford was sold by auction for $900,000 to someone from Saigon. Good luck to him, expect some different weather.****


  1. Can we pool out resources and buy that town and rename it Puddletown?

    My fav song now is Naked Babies. ???

  2. Oh dear Mr Ben. There will be questions asked.
    Pooling resources good but cave - apparently the wind whistles through there a little and it is somewhat desolate. Takes a special kind of person.....
    I shall be driving past real actual Puddletown in 3 days. I'll hop out and get a picture


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