Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Doing it for the lulz

child helping monkey to ride a tricycle
suspended hammock in play areaMissed a couple of playtimes because of rain but made up for it in the afternoon. I have practised my show'n'tell (this time it's History and Classification of Number Rocks) just in time to arrive first in a rather cold park. I was joined by Ben who noticed the possibility of an empty swinging basket: in the end we had to swing with an unknown Imogen and her sister so did it slower.
homemade cakes as food supplement in park picnicThe JBs arrived and we set about inventing fighting games. That ended in tears so Ben invented a completely different fighting game.
jumping game from park benchesStrangely that also ended in tears so we had a break to eat Jofs' cakes and do some jumping. Johnny whispered to us that Spiderman sucks off his friends, but he never said what he sucks off them, maybe taramasalata? Then Ben made up some excellent rude songs about other things Spiderman does and was told off by his Mum.
We tried again and invented a totally new fighting game in which we were all on the same side. We laid traps with wood chips which were today playing the role of 'Exploding Nuts', I was both Swimming Lego Heroes and we all fought the Villains until hometime.
At home I played Totopoly (board game where you gamble on horses) with Jof and fidgeted so much I fell off my own chair and banged my head on the cupboard.

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