Friday, 2 March 2012

Lovely Battenburg, Mrs Brown of Kettering

funny picture child walking through wet cement
boy hanging off fence by coatToday is "Come dressed as a character from a book" day at school. So, in the time-honoured way of moving the universe around a static spaceship, we searched through every book on my shelves until we found "Little Miss Whatsername and the Pirates" so that I could go dressed as a pirate. Erin was Waldo but I never found her.
lego hero componentsOn the way out of school we met Zoe and while Bud talked, I used his buttocks as a punchbag. Then I deliberately got myself hung up on the pub fence again because it got such a laugh from the passers-by last time.
eating ice cream with a lego hero monsterInstead of Beer'O'Clock (which we hardly ever attend due to pub prices) the JBs were hosting Cake'O'Clock as Johnny turns 7 this Saturday. So once I'd finished swimming and had a bite to eat, we hastened round there past the roadworks where the gasmen were still drilling.
eating the chocolate birthday cakeStraight away I got stuck into the huge pile of lego-hero components and us boys paraded round the house with our gory creations attacking each other. Erin and her mum made a special effort to join in and learn about the joys of pointy killing machines.
Over the period there were arguments, lego, singing, dancing and top quality cake as well (I said I didn't like it, but have been caught on video saying yumyum and eating it) but the adults could only talk and drink beer. Home for 9 something which was a shame as we all wanted to stay longer.

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