Saturday, 31 March 2012

I am the 99%

Toys: the bigger the better?
robot made out of mega duplo lego blocks
The 600 series had rubber skin, we spotted them easy....
When you are a toddler, all your toys are huge. They have big colourful outlines and smiley faces and rubbery edges for you to gnaw upon whilst teething. Often they have wheels. But as you get to be as old as me, your tastes will change, and you don't chew on your toys so much, and they get smaller. Thus the mega-blok lego is replaced by the Duplo-blok lego which is replaced by real lego. Here I am as a robot, aged 3.
outsize toys, vehicles, dinosaurs, drum and aircraft carrierThe vehicles have to be enormous to start with, but now I'm happier with the little cars out of the 20p bucket in the charity shop. You start with the giant inflatable things but now I've moved onto Lego heroes. And I believe there is a further change back to big things in later life as well, as you get really old your toys change from Ipods and digital watches to Porsches, garden sheds and blondes. So today Bud got all my biggest toys that I don't play with any more and lined them all up and I agreed to part with them - in return for a new lego hero. It's a deal! It's a steal! And then he said something about the sale of the century which must be a time lord thing.occupy portsmouth street protesters we are the 99%
We hopped on a bus and found 2 heroes in Debenhams in town - I paid for one of them out of my spelling test money and he got the other. We also bought chocolate frogs for Jof, don't tell her they were on sale at 50% off. I found it very funny to walk up the down escalator until I missed my footing and fell down, the little spikes on the edge of the stair got me right on the hipbone which was painful. Wandering back through Victoria park, we entered Guildhall Square which was where we found the demonstration. The protesters had placards, signs and a tent with refreshments. They declared themselves to be the 99% and urged us to "Occupy Portsmouth" which we do already.
effervescent salts fizzing potion overflowing into bathIt was a professionally managed street protest which required zero Police presence, only trouble was, there were only 5 protesters. So if they are the 99% I shall have to assume they carried with them the ashes of a dead relative in order to make up the missing 1%. Or perhaps one of them is 6 weeks pregnant.
Both of the heroes I got today (Surge and Rocka) combine with another hero in my collection to make larger, uglier scorpion-type entities. So I downloaded the instructions and made both of them, shouting regular updates to Jof, however many times she said that she didn't care.
Bath fizzer night ensued, my youtube educational videos were: epic skateboarding compilation plus Bachs' Toccata and Fugue to help me to sleep.

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