Monday, 26 March 2012

Too many orange smarties

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A rude awakening: I don't want to get up either.
Follower Ross arrived at work this morning with cuts and bruises and damages all over his face. While coming back from the pub, his mates bundled him into a bush, but this bush had a tree in it and the tree won. Give it 15 years and that'll be me.....
schoolboy story about trip on a steam trainschool project learning about tadpole metamorphosisErin and I showed our parents around the school today. We went into most of the classrooms and read each others' work books and maths books and looked at the tadpoles and the snails and the play areas and the music room and the library. My spelling is terrible. A chart on the wall declares that I am officially the second smallest in the class. Here is my account of the trip to the Bluebell Railway with Nanna a few weeks ago:
jumping in the playground in school uniformOn wensday i went to my nanas to have a sleepover. on thersday I went a long way and then we sor the sine to blow bell rallway so we desidid to go in but it was vere hard to find a spas in the car park. ten wen we got in we went on a rell steme trane i got a map to tell me were to go on the map there was a big tunll on there. Fienalee we set off and then we sor it and we went in and it ternd dark for a long time. then we came out then we het to stop becos there was sheep on the trak. then becos thae sor the trane thae moovd out of the way then we went then we stopt at the staeshon and we had a piknik then we went home.
After a while we got bored of being tour guides and played in the reception year playzone.
At Beaver Scouts I had to wait for the ballerinas to finish again, but it wasn't the pink twittering 7 year-olds this time, they were much older and bouncier. I got an "Imagination" badge today so now Nanna has 2 to sew on for me.
After watching Scooby Doo and the Samurai sword I practised my Naughty Ninja karate moves (going woosh a lot and jumping up and down).

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