Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cease and desist

be fast or tough, man holding up grizzly bear cub with mother approaching
Grandad phoned to say he's having the stairlift fitted next week (5K). Grandma can't stand up and he can't lift her so they haven't yet worked out how they're going to get her onto it, off it, into bed, etc, but who's counting.
millets camping equipment outlet with sleeping bags and groundsheetsDuring school I made my presentation about the Number Rocks which was well received. The teacher knew about them and said that many had been made by local schoolchildren. He also said that mine were the most interesting he'd ever seen. Lucky he didn't see my special stash of really interesting rocks.
After school I visited the dentist who disagreed with my diagnosis of wobbly top right incisor. He said my bottom teeth would fall out first. I want a second opinion. Then his assistant offered me a sticker for being so good (why bother - I was being good anyway) and just like last time, all of them were girly stickers. It was Tinkerbell and the rest of the Disney Faeries of all nations, very pc I'm sure, but of no interest to me. He was sorry and chased us out into the reception area to give me a Spiderman from another room.
Right next door is the sleeping bag shop. This is the place all the head torches came from at the JoniBobs Xmas party, the drunken PuddleMummies spent so long in there, there's a sign by the door saying don't serve these women. I got a mat and the second cheapest bag, because it's only going to be for Beaver camping and sleepovers so when I need to do a nocturnal hike up Kilimanjaro or the Ross ice shelf I'll get the complicated expensive one.
As we got home we noticed that the Hells' Angels round the corner had a skip so we nabbed a few planks of wood for the next bonfire.

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