Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Monkey wee, monkey poo

how do magnets work funny mormon religious explanation for magnetismThe boys of Wednesday (including me) have a lot to answer for. Johnny is older so he knows more words, amongst them 'Penis'. But he's not allowed to go around shouting this out so he has substituted Peanut which is acceptable. So we feel able to discuss peanuts frequently without fear of reprisals in the same way as swearing in Japanese (doing the little wiener finger).
Thus at showertime last night I sang a medley of favourite songs in preparation for Wednesday park including, but not restricted to, the following:
Faces made of peanuts
Peanuts make the world go round
Peanuts Peanuts Über alles
Peanuts are flying through the air
Peanut connected to the legbone
amenity climbing frame

Spelling continues. I've learnt chord by rote but still have trouble with the less intuitive breakfast. My memory isn't big enough to remember all these words, I think I'm getting mnemonic plague.
The trouble at school seems to be resolved. I was in a group of kids when they started fighting too much and I was dragged inside for a telling-off with the rest of them, but the teachers don't view me as an active participant, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Teddy's the real culprit, honest.
rope pyramid climbing netWhat a glorious Park Wednesday. Bright sunshine meant a huge crowd of kids from my school and the Juniors, I played 'Roll the scooter down the slope' even before the JBs and Ben arrived.
firemans pole and slide frame in playparkThere were one or two spats when bottlenecks meant we had to wait our turn on the fireman's pole but generally it went off well. Archie (from Beavers) joined in and out of nowhere Pops and Baby Edward came along. So it was football, steal Baldyman's hat and running around for ages in the warm sun. Gradually the crowds subsided and we had more of the place to ourselves. Mrs Ben had brought some breadsticks which turned out to be very popular and we all fell down at one point or another so the sewers of Pompey will run green with grass stains tonight.
The Pops family are jetting off to Egypt next week on one of those last-minute emigrations. Lucky them.
It was not until we left that Johnny was congratulated for not singing any songs about peanuts. He is extremely musical at the moment so started on his peanut back catalogue immediately.

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