Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spelunking: the fiery caves of hell

krazy kaves portsmouth rope bridge in play area
Krazy Kaves portsmouth caveman figureUp at 0800, lucky, as I have Katelyn's party to go to at the unreasonably early time of 1045. Sunny again so we walked to the Kaves and were the first ones there. We're seasoned speleologists now so we know the routine, 1 1/4 hours of serious potholing and then the meal in the little rooms upstairs. There were about 15 of us, mostly from the same class (I was one of only 2 boys there, nice odds) so we ran and threw balls and generally beat up my pet adult. We didn't see any mice. I cried 4 times, twice when I banged my head on his knee while being suspended upside down, and twice when I was buried under balls or cushions and people kept walking over me.
wearing 3 party hats at onceWhile I was eating in the party room, Bud went outside and spied some wood for later removal. After the party, we checked it out and rode a B+Q trolley across the car park and made some of my party friends jealous because we always laugh so much.
crowds enjoying southsea seafront by the pyramids on a saturdayJof had an idea that a sunny Saturday should mean a trip to the seafront so we actually remembered to pay the parking meter this time and had 2 lovely hours throwing stones and eating ice cream and finding number rocks and climbing the pyramids and I won £4 on the horses on the pier which is going towards my next Lego Hero. The giant earth ramparts were busy and the air was thick with the smell of freshly smoked grass. Some people were swimming in the sea which is similar to the Puddlers who were swimming last October.
swimming in the sea in March at low tideAs soon as we'd got back, we liberated 3 cable drums and numerous random bits of wood from the retail units near B+Q and set up the bonfire. A few weeks ago we cut the hedge and emptied the compost heap so we had a huge pile of green ivy and other creepers plus loads of jasmine-type stuff that was too thick to compost. Thus, a MungleInferno is the only way to deal with such stuff.

domestic bonfire with wood and ivy for burningI built a troll bridge and gradually we disposed of everything, leaving only the nice cable drum and some crackly bay tree leaves for the next PuddleBonfire. Jof made us hotdogs and we watched the sparks and embers float up into the night sky.
When bonfiring, you need prodder sticks. For years we've used "Flagpole", an actual flagpole with red enseign attached that I retrieved from the Thames downriver from Maidenhead in 1984. But after there was a clearout of broomsticks at Bud's work, we now have "Bender", a broomstick with a pronounced curvature of the shaft, "Doreen", a named stick (it comes to something when you have to put your name on your work broomstick) and "Red" which is red. Red broke last night and was consigned to the flames with a short fanfare.
eating hot dogs and drinking beer in front of a bonfireAfter bath fizzer night, my 2 educational Youtube videos were Big Daddy beating Giant Haystacks and tummy-ing him out of the ring (training in posing and crowd-pleasing for my next lead stage role) and scuba diving on a coral reef and meeting a pod of dolphins (I want to go diving).
burning planks of wood and cable drums on home bonfireLife is excellent. I recommend it to anyone.

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