Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Proposal: an extra day

funny church sign fail 4 inch tongueI have commanded a bonus day. Thus today nobody is getting any older. However, there is the danger of amorous advances from females: follower Martin has fallen foul of this and has agreed to marry Zoe the Girlfriend when she asked early this morning when his defences were down. Considering only yesterday I played "Husband and Wife" in my secluded den with 2 of my girlfriends - maybe I got off lightly.
wood and metal artwork in commercial road portsmouthI got yet another sticker at school today - for attentiveness. On the way back we walked with Harrison (ex-Puddler 1 year below me) and his escort Sadie, who all the PuddleDaddies will remember fondly. The PuddleMummies will enjoy hearing that she has filled out somewhat.
But then it was gogogo as we drove into town to finally invest the £1500 from Blind Uncle Len in a tax-free bond. While my future was being planned, I took some flyers from the display (they have wisely chosen not to use a freaky boy scout display unit), filled out the application form for house insurance and drew moustaches and head-aliens on the ladies in the pamphlets. Then we hastened home for a belated Wednesday park. I hopped out of the car to take some wood from the same place as we got the cupboard last week: the owner was very happy for us to take it away and was pleased that the Mystery Of The Disappearing Cupboard had been solved. I knew there wouldn't be any Puddlers in the park but I played with Brandon the Pugilist until the giant gobstopper he threw into a tree came back down and hit me on the head.
Grandad had given me some more homework which was all about coins and how to make up an amount in more than one way. Funnily enough, I found it easy.

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