Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Left of centre but right all along

failbook funny star trek meets star wars
A race between the rainclouds and the clock. Will we get any Wednesday park done before the heavens open?

No. It was raining at pickup time so we invited the JBs for lego and went home. We picked up the last bits of the cupboard that builderman up the road had kindly left outside for us and destroyed it into the wendy-house for a bonfire this weekend. I hope it's stopped raining by then.

That would enable us to get rid of the cardboard and the BensDad memorial Xmas tree which is still in dry storage.

After supper we made pancakes. My job was to get in the way with my little stool that I use to see onto the cooker or work surface, whatever is the busiest area. However many times I turned the gas up or down, poked the empty eggshell or shouted that the pan wasn't smoking yet, I always seemed to get it a bit wrong.

Jof melted some chocolate and daubed it onto the first rolled-up pancake. For some reason it reminded me of having my nappy changed. Even with choc sauce, I didn't like it. Bud made another one and added the traditional sugar and lemon juice. I said that they were all delicious but I didn't like them.
Then I killed her within 2 goes. She had to sell her last 2 properties and it still wasn't enough to pay me. I ended up with £9088. The box says that Monopoly is suitable for ages 8-adult. Shame it's unsuitable for me, I keep beating everyone.

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