Tuesday, 21 February 2012

In the pink but out to lunch

autocorrect fail grandma is homosexual
dangerous activities for childrenAll day yesterday at school, Erin and I planned to ask to come back to my house afterwards. Then, right at the last minute, she ran up to her mum and asked if Lucy could go back to hers: they left hand in hand. on the climbing rock, sticking tongue out
Extra park day: a rebound date with Ben.
We had balls of different sizes so played a bit of football but mostly the throwing them over the fence game or throwing them up into the tree game. It was quite cold but we stayed out for an hour.
Jof had a surprise awards ceremony to go to tonight so maybe she'll come back with a prize or sticker for being the best behaved worker. She has bought pancake ingredients but we'll have to do that tomorrow.

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