Monday, 27 February 2012

Dental derangement

dumb dog jumping through tyre fail
Last night I detected my first wobbly tooth, upper right incisor. Given that Pops lost a tooth last week, does this not make me the last Piddler to be a gap-toothed gargoyle? Erin and Johnny managed it last academic year and I'm just glad to join in.
This afternoon Jof had got an early pass and wanted quiet time with the cricket so we zoomed off the the seafront to investigate Southsea Skate Park. We'd seen it on Saturday and it looks great for scooting and cycling, all the way from those baby 3-wheeled scooter-lets to the big bike jumps. It was closed. I guess they have limited opening times in the winter. So we wandered along to the bank to ask why the investment I made a month ago still hasn't been opened. I suppose that's where the fatcat bonuses come from.
Having practiced this weeks' spelling (gymnastics, wouldn't, shoulder etc) I scooted to Beavers where we did "Stranger Danger". At the end we sat on the back stairs and did a questionnaire:

1.  You are at school and somebody hits you. What do you do?
2.   You are playing in the park and you discover that you cannot see your parents. What do you do?
3.   You are playing on the computer and a popup appears saying you have won a prize. What do you do?
4.  You are playing outside and a man you don't know walks over and says your mother has asked him to collect you. Do you go with him?
5.  You are in the newsagents and a friend asks you to take sweets without paying. Do you?
6.  You are in the supermarket but lose your Mum. Who can you ask to help you?

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