Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Therminal: the heat death of the universe

resistance is futile funny signActually not as bad as the weather-guessers made out, at least, in the morning when we didn't have to scrape the promised frost from the front door. I took in another 6 tubes from Buds' work for use in the class space rocket project, the teacher asked for them specially. I returned from school with 3 hats, as you do, but forgot my gloves.
Having had another go at the spelling test (Fockers!) we piled layer upon layer onto my bony body in readiness for P-Arctic Wednesday. I got - a poloneck long-sleeved shirt, top with hood, bobblehat with integral earmuffs, fluffy coat with hood, extra pair of fat socks, and gloves.
sunny but arctic conditions in the parkThus attired, I scooted to shivery swingpark where we were the only occupants enjoying the bone-crunchingly cold sunshine. Had a go in the Siberian swinging basket until the JoniBobs arrived: Johnny took up polar position in the orbiting benumbed basket with me while bitter Bob kicked the frosty football at us again. It's frozen fun chillin' with my mates but it wasn't long until their lack of gloves put paid to their visit and they had a couple of Jofs' practice cakes and went home to their fireplace. We were alone again.
Once I'd been installed in front of the TV, he put the laboratory thermometer in the windless garden where it registered a temperature of 2°. The extra wind chill factor in the park made it unreasonable: only mad dogs and Englishmen etc. Shiver Majimbas!

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